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Laser Surgery

What Is A Laser?

A laser is a device that produces a very strong and focused beam of light. One little known fact is that our surgical laser produces a beam that is even more powerful than a similar-sized beam leaving the surface of the sun!

Years of experience in human and veterinary medicine went into the design of the Aesculight lasers, which were made specifically to provide superior care for pets. Ask your veterinarian about CO2 laser surgery.

Why Pet Laser Surgery?

Traditional surgery with a scalpel or scissors can bruise or crush soft tissue, while a powerful, concentrated laser beam has the unique ability to instantly vaporize or “erase” unhealthy tissue, as well as make incisions. The laser minimizes pain, swelling, and bleeding often associated with surgery. The beam simultaneously kills any bacteria in its path (i.e. bactericidal effect). In addition, during CO2 laser surgery, only an intense beam of laser light touches the tissue, which reduces the risk of potential post-operative infection even more. While cutting, ablating or coagulating tissue, the laser seals capillaries, small blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerve endings (i.e. it has hemostatic, antiedemic and analgesic effects). Sealed nerve endings mean more comfort for the patient after surgery, and sealed lymph nodes mean less swelling post-operatively. The surgeon can adjust the size and power of the laser beam to achieve the desired degree of control over the tissue removal process, and the laser is equally adept at incisions, excisions, and ablations.

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