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Sarah Knight

Education: Wilton High School ,Wilton Iowa

Hometown: Broken Arrow, OK

Pets: Hank the Cow Dog, Misty Blue, Katie and Keyka are all of her four legged fur babies.

She was born in North Dakota.Grew up in Iowa. Spent several years in Colorado training dogs to hunt upland game birds. She made her journey to Oklahoma in 1999, training and breeding dogs until 2008. She worked at a small bank for 10 years. She has 3 wonderful children and 2 amazing grand children.

Along with her general reception duties, she plays a key role in the monitoring and care of our surgical patients, follow-up care for some of our chronic care patients, run bloodwork and take radiographs when needed, routinely discuss patient progress with pet owners and report her findings back to the veterinarian and documenting everything into medical history each time a patient is seen.

Sarah – “I was very thankful to join the team here at Honor Heights Vet Clinic. It’s been a lot of fun, very busy and a wonderful working experience. Every day is different and I’m grateful to be here.”